Champagne Taste With A PBR Budget? Shop The Apartment!

It's kind of hard to miss...

Like the flash of light through that shot? Feel free to call me for all of your professional photographic needs! Oh Well. Moving right along into an area I’m much more accomplished in – shopping! The Apartment is one of my favorite stores in the city for highly eclectic furniture shopping at crazy-good prices. The stuff in the store ranges from mint condition to shabby chic, and everything is priced accordingly.


I wish I had room for this table

A nice, ever-changing, mix of  mid-century furniture, folk art, ephemera, and generally odd stuff. Prop designers, professional stylists, and interior designers all shop  The Apartment on a regular basis. The owners Lann and Lino, are very nice and willing to bargain, but be respectful – the prices tend to be pretty reasonable to start with. Their philosophy for their inventory is “keep it moving”. Lino gets bored looking at the same stuff all the time.

Lots of things to pray to!

They also have a HUGE collection of old photographs that ranges from old grade school photos to vintage porn. Collectors have spent entire days looking through the photo collection. I don’t really want to know the details of what they’re looking for.

I'm oddly drawn to the ceramic flower thingy


When you stop in, tell Lann and Lino that you saw this post on the yourstylesf blog, and they will give you the Nancy discount. Have fun and happy hunting!

We took a more formal picture but I liked this one better. And it's my blog, so...



The Wonders of WonderCon 2011!

San Francisco gets over 16 million people a year visiting for the primary purpose of attending a convention. Make no mistake – the Wondercon folks are my favorite! Less glitzy and feature-film oriented than ComicCon down in San Diego, WonderCon is a little more focused on independent graphic novelists and artists – Neil Gaiman is a frequent panelist. Although this year Ryan Reynolds upped the hunkiness factor by a hundred by making an appearance to promote the new Green Lantern movie, so maybe we’re heading for ComicCon-like critical mass soon.

He can rescue me from dark forces anytime!

My friend Wendy, owner of an awesome graphic arts company called I Heart Guts, was an exhibitor at WonderCon this year, so I got a backstage pass to the passionate wackiness that is the hallmark of any convention of this kind. I love the way every variety and genre of fandom has a place here. The classic Star Wars-themed costumes (Slutty Princess Leia is always popular!) blend seamlessly with Steampunks, Harajuku Girls, and homemade PacMans (PacMen?).

Here are some of my favorite photos from this year’s show:

Old School Battlestar Galactica!

I saw at least two dozen people who had invested in this particular costume

The hand made costumes were my favorite

Don't know who these kids are supposed to be, but they worked their butts off on the costumes!

HJ Girls were all over the place!

This little boy was fascinated/totally freaked out by R2

All in all, I had a great time. I spent a ridiculously self-indulgent amount of time discussing my own embarassing-ly detailed knowledge of Buffy The Vampire Slayer and Freakangels with like-minded geeks, and seriously considered putting a costume together for next year. Yikes! Someone talk me down off the ledge!

Wish Upon A Bar!

My friend Caprice and I were at Wish last night – a fantastic bar in SOMA with a great old-school, alterna-vibe. It’s an ideal spot to meet a few people for happy hour or just to chill out, have a quick cocktail, and get your thoughts together and plan your evening. Caprice and I were going to a Burlesque class later on (a first for both of us), so we were wanting to take the edge off a bit and get in the mood for sexy-dance-time. Fortunately, the first person we encountered was our fabulous bartender, Annemarie.

Annemarie had spent the moments before we had come in experimenting with new cocktail mixes and had just put together a fab new drink made with cucumber vodka, something lemony, elderflower liqueur, and something else delicious. I can’t really remember all of the details because we had a couple. Let me just assure you that it was GREAT.

the awesome mixologist - annemarie

It is, as yet, an unnamed cocktail, but we are trying to convince her to name it “The Caprice”, since Caprice was the first one to taste it and because it was her birthday. I think it will help if we get a lot of people to visit the bar and request a “Caprice”. Help us out, folks!

blink and you'll miss it

If you want to know how to find the bar, just look for the tacky spotted cow hanging above the doorway in SOMA. Wish is the place next door.

not as scary as it looks...

See you there!

The 80’s Are Now, Officially, Vintage. Ouch! That Hurts.

The Vintage Expo was in town this weekend at the Concourse. I was impressed by the number of people who went all out and dressed for the occasion in their vintage garb, and by how stylish they looked. Not just the vendors either – the shoppers looked great as well. They put me in my jeans and (non-vintage) Diane Von Furstenberg sweater to shame.

The photos below were taken with a camera phone, so they’re not great – sorry about that. For more information on the annual Vintage (mostly clothes and jewelry) Expo, go to or click here.

Mess o'hats


The 60's - now that's vintage

Viva Los Gigantes!!

Only two weeks until opening day 2011 at Phone Company Park here in San Francisco! The most beautiful park in Baseball with the dumbest name. It’s not actually called Phone Company park, of course – that’s just what many of us who live here call it since it was originally named for a phone company that got absorbed by another phone company, that got absorbed by another phone company, etc, etc, etc. Really – don’t get me started on my  ‘Why-naming-stadiums-after-corporations-is-idiotic’ speech. Does any team really want to play in Home Depot Stadium? Maybe only The Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim.

Don't you wish you were here right now? With a bacon-wrapped hot dog?

And, in case you’ve been living in a remote island village for the past six months, it’s also home to the 2010 defending World Champion San Francisco Giants! We are a baseball town here on the left coast, and the celebration in the streets last October after that final game in Texas was raucous and awe-inspiring. Of all the team tributes that popped up around the city, this one is my favorite:

Folk art at its finest

Here’s a slightly larger view:

Even the mascot "Lou Seal" gets a portrait

You can tell just how much we love the team by the fact that this mural remains largely un-graffitti-ed. Even the one tag seems kind of apologetic and lame. One of my absolute favorite parts of this mural – and the thing that gives it that truly San Francisco touch – is the writing at the bottom that is a list of all the countries not included in the World Series. With a shout out to FREE TIBET!

Let Timmy Smoke!

This is actually a pretty good likeness of Timmy.

See you at the park on April 1st. Get ready for a repeat! Go Giants!

It’s A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood

Happy St Patrick’s Day! Sunny for the first day in a while, and sunny days are always made better by a trip to Patricia’s Green in Hayes Valley. It’s always amusing people watching. First it’s the dogs running around and rolling in the grass; then it’s the dog owners running after the dogs to scoop up the poop; then it’s the toddlers running full-tilt after the dogs, who are always intelligent enough to dodge the incoming missiles; then it’s the mothers trying desperately, and usually in vain, to keep the toddlers from falling face-down in the dregs of the dog poop. If you are the kind of person (like I am) who carries antibacterial wet wipes on you for emergencies, you will be the most popular person in the park!

She's washing that man right out of her hair

The statue is called “Ecstasy”, by Dan Das Mann and Karen Cusolito. I love it, but it does make me think of a shampoo commercial.

I’d Like To Welcome You With Coffee And Donuts!

One of my absolute favorite things to do when I travel is to find a fabulous place to have breakfast and eat there regularly during my stay in that city. Ideally, it’s a place mostly patronized by locals, mellow enough during the weekdays that I can linger over a few cups of coffee, and friendly enough to get me a smile of recognition after a couple of days. I find that starting my days this way gets me into the rhythm of an unfamiliar city. Open or preoccupied? Hurried or languid? Big breakfasts or coffee and cigarettes? If I’ve been clever and lucky in my selection I usually get a “welcome back” on the second or third day, and can then pretty easily strike up one of those “Where’s the best place in the city to go if I want to get the color refreshed on my tattoo?” or “Is that leather bag hand made? By someone here in the city? Do you have the exact address?” conversations.

If I were visiting San Francisco, Dynamo Donuts would be my holy grail of breakfast spots – for all of the reasons I mentioned above with the added bonus of donuts. And not just any donuts. Donuts with names like Passionfruit Milk Chocolate (my personal fave), Kafir Lime Coconut, Meyer Lemon Huckleberry, and Chocolate Rose, among many, many others. They also serve awesome Four Barrel coffee – a locally (seriously local – like eight blocks away) owned coffee company.

just be patient - there are a lot of donut flavors to choose from

The people who work here are top-notch – cool, friendly, always in a good mood even when the line gets ridiculously long, and they all brew a mean cup of coffee. There’s seating inside as well as a back patio that manages to capture what little sun we get here in the city of fog. Dynamo also has the extra advantage of being in the heart of the Mission district – one of the best places to spend your time in the city. Once you’ve had your fill of donuts, you can wander around looking at the amazing murals all around you, check out the boutiques and galleries full of work by local artists, and hit one of the bodegas for a bag of fried plantains in case you get hungry later.

as you can see, they're also very good looking

where all the donuts are raised....get it?

I spend many morning hours here working, reading, drinking so much coffee I’m twitchy for the rest of the day, and, of course, eating lots and lots of donuts. If you’re in San Francisco, you should join me. I will be more than happy to tell where to go to get the best sushi in town.

You have to get your own donut though - I draw the line at sharing