Viva Los Gigantes!!

Only two weeks until opening day 2011 at Phone Company Park here in San Francisco! The most beautiful park in Baseball with the dumbest name. It’s not actually called Phone Company park, of course – that’s just what many of us who live here call it since it was originally named for a phone company that got absorbed by another phone company, that got absorbed by another phone company, etc, etc, etc. Really – don’t get me started on my  ‘Why-naming-stadiums-after-corporations-is-idiotic’ speech. Does any team really want to play in Home Depot Stadium? Maybe only The Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim.

Don't you wish you were here right now? With a bacon-wrapped hot dog?

And, in case you’ve been living in a remote island village for the past six months, it’s also home to the 2010 defending World Champion San Francisco Giants! We are a baseball town here on the left coast, and the celebration in the streets last October after that final game in Texas was raucous and awe-inspiring. Of all the team tributes that popped up around the city, this one is my favorite:

Folk art at its finest

Here’s a slightly larger view:

Even the mascot "Lou Seal" gets a portrait

You can tell just how much we love the team by the fact that this mural remains largely un-graffitti-ed. Even the one tag seems kind of apologetic and lame. One of my absolute favorite parts of this mural – and the thing that gives it that truly San Francisco touch – is the writing at the bottom that is a list of all the countries not included in the World Series. With a shout out to FREE TIBET!

Let Timmy Smoke!

This is actually a pretty good likeness of Timmy.

See you at the park on April 1st. Get ready for a repeat! Go Giants!