Wish Upon A Bar!

My friend Caprice and I were at Wish last night – a fantastic bar in SOMA with a great old-school, alterna-vibe. It’s an ideal spot to meet a few people for happy hour or just to chill out, have a quick cocktail, and get your thoughts together and plan your evening. Caprice and I were going to a Burlesque class later on (a first for both of us), so we were wanting to take the edge off a bit and get in the mood for sexy-dance-time. Fortunately, the first person we encountered was our fabulous bartender, Annemarie.

Annemarie had spent the moments before we had come in experimenting with new cocktail mixes and had just put together a fab new drink made with cucumber vodka, something lemony, elderflower liqueur, and something else delicious. I can’t really remember all of the details because we had a couple. Let me just assure you that it was GREAT.

the awesome mixologist - annemarie

It is, as yet, an unnamed cocktail, but we are trying to convince her to name it “The Caprice”, since Caprice was the first one to taste it and because it was her birthday. I think it will help if we get a lot of people to visit the bar and request a “Caprice”. Help us out, folks!

blink and you'll miss it

If you want to know how to find the bar, just look for the tacky spotted cow hanging above the doorway in SOMA. Wish is the place next door.

not as scary as it looks...

See you there!