Champagne Taste With A PBR Budget? Shop The Apartment!

It's kind of hard to miss...

Like the flash of light through that shot? Feel free to call me for all of your professional photographic needs! Oh Well. Moving right along into an area I’m much more accomplished in – shopping! The Apartment is one of my favorite stores in the city for highly eclectic furniture shopping at crazy-good prices. The stuff in the store ranges from mint condition to shabby chic, and everything is priced accordingly.


I wish I had room for this table

A nice, ever-changing, mix of  mid-century furniture, folk art, ephemera, and generally odd stuff. Prop designers, professional stylists, and interior designers all shop  The Apartment on a regular basis. The owners Lann and Lino, are very nice and willing to bargain, but be respectful – the prices tend to be pretty reasonable to start with. Their philosophy for their inventory is “keep it moving”. Lino gets bored looking at the same stuff all the time.

Lots of things to pray to!

They also have a HUGE collection of old photographs that ranges from old grade school photos to vintage porn. Collectors have spent entire days looking through the photo collection. I don’t really want to know the details of what they’re looking for.

I'm oddly drawn to the ceramic flower thingy


When you stop in, tell Lann and Lino that you saw this post on the yourstylesf blog, and they will give you the Nancy discount. Have fun and happy hunting!

We took a more formal picture but I liked this one better. And it's my blog, so...